Fred Gleeck Protege Program

This site has been set up for anyone interested in working with Fred
Gleeck as a PROTEGE. Below you’ll find the details of this program.

  • This is NOT a “get rich” scheme. I am NOT promising you ANYTHING other than the OPPORTUNITY to learn a system using some of MY products that will help make BOTH of us money. It will also help YOU to learn my system.
  • If we do everything right you’ll probably NOT make ANY money for the first 90 days. I hope I’m wrong, but again, I’d rather under promise and OVER deliver. Plan on making ZILCH for the short term.
  • You’ll need to set aside at least 10 hours a week for this program. It won’t always be easy, but it will be rewarding in the long run. IF you were to devote MORE time to this venture, money would come in more quickly.
  • You should have a MINIMUM of 10 hours a week to work on this project. If you can’t devote that amount of time, this program is NOT for you.
  • Anyone selected as a protege MUST have a WebMarketingMagic account in place. They must also have a merchant account and a paypal account attached to their WMM account.
  • If you already have a merchant account set up, that’s great. If you already have a WebMarketingMagic account set up, great too. If you don’t, you’ll need both. Not an expensive set of items, but ABSOLUTELY necessary to do business online.
  • YOU will be collecting the money and sending ME a check. All products that we sell will be digital and NO delivery will be required.  I’ll be the “director” and you’ll be the implementor.
  • Anyone selected to be a protege will be given a trial period to see how things work. Somewhere between 30-90 days.
  • It will be mandatory that any work we do together MUST be tracked. Google analytics MUST be placed on any sites that we work on together to track our results.
  • IF you are selected to be in the Protege program you’ll be asked to attend the Fred Info Bootcamp. You’ll pay the standard rates. This will make it certain that you are committed to the idea. Your attendance at the bootcamp will show that you are willing to spend both your time and money. That shows a HIGH level of commitment and dedication.
  • The selection criteria I use for proteges is based on two primary criteria: competence and personality match.
  • I will only take on as many proteges as I can manage effectively.
  • WHAT will be working on together? It all depends. I have LOTS of products and I’ll be looking to see how your background and interests match with the products I’m looking to have you help market.
  • YOU will be responsible for collecting all of the money and sending ME a check every month based on our agreement.
  • Over time, our venture will start to bear fruit. You will set things up so that OUR venture will keep paying money WAY into the future. You will also be learning information that will be FULLY transferable to your own products and sites.
  • If you are not selected for this program, I apologize. I only have a certain number of slots available. Every 3 or 4 months a few more slots may open up.
  • What is your next step? Send me a short and pithy email telling me WHY I should consider YOU as a protege. I’ll at least get back to you with an email answer. When you do email me, please include your phone number. If you are based outside the U.S., please include your SKYPE address.
  • I am NOT looking for this to be a quick, one or two month deal. I envision us doing this for a GOOD WHILE. Like 3-5 years. Hopefully, within a year or 18 months, you will have learned enough that you’ll have other sources of revenue coming in as a result of what you’ve learned working with me and my products.
  • This will not only allow US to make some money together but will also teach you a system that you can use with any and all other products you create.
  • Make sure to include your phone number and best time to call you. Please include your time zone as well.
  • How much money can you make? What else will you get out of this program?